Delegates to the 59th Session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted to elect the leadership of GCAS. In response to the structural changes adopted by the GCAS Board in October 2009, a director and ten associate directors were elected. Five of the associate directors will serve with specific portfolios from the headquarters office and the other five will manage newly organized geographic areas. The delegates also voted to approve one lay member representative from each of the 13 world divisions to be members of the GCAS Board along with ex-officio members from the General Conference.

Paul H. Douglas will continue to serve as the Director of GCAS, a position he has held since April 2007. In this capacity he serves as the chief audit executive for the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the responsibility to administer its global audit program. To assist him with this responsibility, the delegates voted the following Associate Directors:

  • Daniel E. Herzel (Professional Standards)
  • Mark S. Hyder (Professional Development)
  • Christopher Garrity (Quality Control)
  • Jeremy T. Smith (Process Improvement)
  • Gary B. Blood (Technology)

The proposal captioned Structured for Excellence, which was adopted by the GCAS Board in October 2009, included the expectation for GCAS to focus on delivering its services based on a global brand rather than being confined to the borders associated with the 13 world divisions of the Church. This focus on brand will allow GCAS to position its people to best deliver audit services more economically and efficiently around the world. To manage the newly organized geographic areas, the delegates voted to elect the following Associate Directors:

  • Robyn W. Kajiura (North American Area)
  • Furaha Mpozembizi (Trans Africa Area)
  • Roy Cortez (Trans America Area)
  • Paul J. Edwards (Trans Asia-Pacific Area)
  • Sandra C. Grice (Trans Euro-Asia Area)

In response to the vote made by the delegates, GCAS Director Paul Douglas stated, “This team which has been assembled is highly qualified and capable to fulfill the commitment of GCAS to deliver excellence!”

Since 1977, GCAS has been organized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to perform structurally independent financial audits, reviews of trust operations, and tests of policy compliance for more than 2700 denominational organizations worldwide that have an estimated asset base of US$20 billion. With a team of approximately 200 highly qualified professionals operating from offices in 45 countries, GCAS is positioned to deliver audits of the highest quality at the best economical value.