Who we’re looking for

Audit Staff

Full-time entry-level auditing position. See full details under Developing Your Career/Promotions.

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Where we’re located

Global Headquarters

Silver Spring, MD

Trans Euro Asia

There are five GCAS Areas around the world, with the Trans Euro Asia covering the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, India, as well as countries in the Middle East. In the Trans Euro Asia Area there are six regional offices. Each office has a Regional Manager, Audit Managers, Audit Seniors, Audit Staff, and sometimes an Audit Specialist. Approximately 30 auditors work in the Trans Euro Asia Area.

  • Region A - St Albans, England
  • Region B - Berne, Switzerland
  • Region C - Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine
  • Region E - Shillong, India
  • Region F - Pune, India
  • Region G - Bangalore and Hosur, India

What we’re looking for

  • Committed Seventh-day Adventist
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Eligible to sit for the ACCA exam
  • Passion for learning
  • Team and leadership skills
  • Minimum English language proficiency of CEFR B2 (TOEFL 500 paper/222 computer/89 internet)

What is it like to work here?

Office Space

Each auditor has an assigned workspace in the GCAS home office, whether an individual desk in a shared office, or a cubicle arrangement. In some cases, individuals work out of their home office.


Significant travel (30-50%) is required for all GCAS positions as field work is performed in client offices throughout the Region.

Professional Development

Ongoing learning


Completion of the ACCA exam is required within seven to ten years of employment with GCAS. Studying for and taking the ACCA exam qualifies as CPE for those who have not yet passed the exam. Time off for study and taking of the exam is given, and expenses are reimbursed.


GCAS requires that each member of its professional staff obtain a minimum of 20 hours per year and at least 120 hours every three years. Studying for and taking the ACCA exam qualify for CPE for those who have not yet passed the exam.

Trans Euro Asia Area Seminars

The Trans Euro Asia Area (TEA) holds in-house professional development seminars. Plenary and break-out sessions provide the majority of the annual CPE requirements for most GCAS auditors.

Developing your career

Service recognition/awards

Annual awards are given to recognize achievements by regional offices as well as individuals. In addition, service awards are given for increments of 5 years of service.


GCAS staffing levels include Audit Staff, Audit Senior, Audit Manager, Audit Specialist, Regional Manager, and Assistant Director.

Audit Staff

The Audit Staff position is an entry level three-year program. Audit Staff work under the supervision of an Audit Senior or Audit Manager in performing the following audit functions: extracting trial balances and preparing lead schedules using audit software, assisting in performing compliance and substantive testing during work in the client's office, and assisting in preparing client financial statements and reports. Usully three to five Audit Staff positions become available in the Trans Euro Asia Area each year. By the end of the second year, the Audit Staff is expected to be in charge of audits (under the supervision of Audit Seniors or Audit Managers). Between the end of the second and third years, with satisfactory work progress and satisfactory progress toward certification an Audit Staff can generally expect to be promoted to Audit Senior. Promotion is based on timely progession through the ACCA exams, attititude and aptitude and overall proficient performance evaluations.

Audit Senior

An Audit Senior requires success in the ACCA exam and satisfactory service of two to three years as an Audit Staff or other relevant/comparable audit experience. Tasks include performing functions of audit planning and preparation in accordance with international audit standards adopted by the SDA denomination; performing compliance and substantive tests on audits (in audit office as well as at the client’s office); preparing and reviewing client financial statements and audit reports; serving as in-charge auditor on audits as assigned by the Regional Manager; supervising work performed by Audit Staff and other audit team members; and presenting audit reports to client governing committees, audit committees, and constituency sessions. Promotion requires satisfactory completion of the GCAS training and orientation program, demonstrated ability to manage small to medium-sized audits (school or small conference), successful completion of the ACCA exam, satisfactory communication and inter-personal skills, and overall proficient performance evaluations.

Audit Manager

Promotion to Audit Manager is based on a demonstrated ability to manage large and/or complex audits, superior communication and inter-personal skills, and overall proficient performance evaluations. Promotion may also require potential to manage a portfolio of audits.

Audit Specialist

Promotion to Audit Specialist is based on successful completion of training in a specialized audit area, superior communication and inter-personal skills, and overall proficient performance evaluations.

Regional Manager

A Regional Manager is in charge of one of the regional TEA GCAS office (see locations listed in Where We’re Located) and reports to the TEA Associate Director. Regional Managers will have demonstrated an ability to manage large and/or complex audits and a portfolio of audits, superior communication and inter-personal skills, and overall proficient performance evaluations.



Philosophy of Remuneration

As outlined in the General Conference Remuneration Scale document, working for the Seventh-day Adventist Church involves a commitment to mission and spirit of dedication, service, and sacrifice. The focus is on sharing Jesus and the hope of salvation with the world.

Remuneration Rates

Starting pay for Audit Staff is quite competitive with that offered by large accounting firms. Specific wage ranges are based on the cost of living in the geographic location of the regional office. A Staff Auditor is eligible for a pay increase when varying stages of the ACCA exam are passed.

Work Week Hours

While GCAS auditors typically work a standard work week, there are times when additional time in the evenings or on weekends is needed to complete the audit, observe physical inventory counts, prepare for constituency session reports, or other unusual obligations. There is no overtime pay, as GCAS auditors are “exempt” salaried employees.

Travel Expense Reimbursements

Travel expenses are reimbursed according to policy including mileage, per diem, lodging expense, etc. Full details are available in the TEA Practices and Procedures Manual.

Paid Time Off

Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are based on the approved holiday schedule in each respective Division.

Paid Vacation

Paid vacation varies based on years of employment with the denomination.

Retirement Plan

GCAS auditors participate in the Retirement Plan operating in the Division in which they are employed.

Health Care Coverage

Medical, dental, vision, and prescription insurance provisions are in place. Full details are outlined in the Policy of each Division.

Other Insurance

Other insurance options available include a Personal Effects Floater (PEF) for travel, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), and Life Insurance options.

Professional Membership Dues

GCAS reimburses professional organizational dues for two professional bodies, the ACCA and other relevant professional dues. See the Practices and Procedures Manual for additional details.

Working internationally

With approval from the Regional Manager, a GCAS employee with several years’ experience may request consideration for participation in an international audit.